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The Hotel Mutiny was once the secret enclave for Miami's notorious Cocaine Cowboys.  Law enforcement, drug lords, and lots of shady operatives lived it up inside the Mutiny's high-security clubs. Outside the hotel, Miami was a war zone.  The coroner rented refrigerated trucks to store murder victims.  Witnesses and jurors disappeared.  A federal judge was gunned down in front of his house.

But that was a different era.

Or was it?

Vance Courage is a lawyer now and his solo practice is on the skids.  A fugitive kingpin sneaks into Miami from Cuba unearthing demons from the past.  Characters from the Cocaine Cowboy days are cropping up — including an intriguing woman he meets on a dating app.  With his life going nowhere fast, he wonders what they want with him. 

And why now?

This paradoxical tale of murder, tenderness, corruption, and family will get inside your head and won't let go until you've read the final word.

Read it now.

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