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The Bottom Line: "Fast-paced, evocative and urgent from the get-go, Express Intent is the best Gold and Courage series book yet." —


Ex-cop Vance Courage is holed-up at a luxury ranch when 15-year-old Caitlin Fleming goes for an early morning run and vanishes. His partner Lauren Gold fears the teenager was taken by the cartels operating on the US-Mexico border. But Vance is baffled by the crime scene: Why do the girl's footprints suddenly stop and why are there no tire tracks or signs of a struggle?

Vance thinks he saw a UFO at the time the teen disappeared. But that's crazy. Or is it? Southwest Texas is, after all, a hotbed for the private aerospace industry.

When Native American tracker Daryl Flood arrives to help with the search and hints that an experimental aircraft was stolen from a nearby high-security R&D facility, Vance wonders if his theory isn't so outlandish. After the fitness tracker Caitlin is wearing pings on a cell tower in Alabama, he begins to suspect her abductor might be headed to Florida.

As more arrows point to the Sunshine State, Vance hops a flight to Miami—and when Lauren discovers Daryl is headed there too — she slyly follows him.


As more go missing, including Vance's elderly mother, he fears the worst. With only each other to trust, Gold and Courage are back on their old turf facing an evil nemesis from their past. They must beat the clock. Tick tock.

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