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Vance Courage and Lauren Gold are back on their old turf in Miami but their relationship has been strained recently. Vance's 13-year-old nephew, Ethan Jones, confides to him that detectives came to the house questioning his mom about a murder. The victim, Silk Hart, is a best-selling erotica writer whose body was discovered in a Miami Beach hotel room. Vance needs Lauren's help to figure out how his sister is involved.

Lauren agrees to dig for information but soon discovers there's a news blackout. Who killed the story? And why? With his nephew in renal failure and a killer on the loose, multiple clocks begin to tick. As clues start to point in a certain direction, he has to ask himself the unthinkable. Could his sister be the killer?

The Bottom Line: ". . . a provocative, tightly-wound crime thriller that seems destined for its own streaming series. A must-read for both fans of the series and the series' growing fan base."

"A brilliantly woven plot mixed with a rich cast of memorable characters make Karen S. Gordon's Money for Nothing a must-read for anyone in search of an unputdownable reading experience." Ryan Steck, The Real Book Spy

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