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The Bottom Line: "A ripped-from-the-headlines legal thriller that John Grisham fans will love." —  Read full review

Lauren Gold and Vance Courage jump at the chance to buy a luxury West Texas guest ranch. They've been looking for ways to launder a few million bucks and this deal seems perfect.

After settling in as the new owners, tragedy strikes. A body is found in one of the buildings. The ranch manager—a holdover—pressures them not to immediately report it. Meanwhile, rumors swirl that the Supreme Court Justice who died of natural causes at the ranch before they bought it might actually be an unsolved murder.


Suspecting the killer might be among them, they begin to dig for clues. What they unearth is chilling. The resort is ground zero for a secret society of global power brokers with a shocking agenda that stretches from Silicon Valley . . . to Frankfurt . . . all the way to Capitol Hill.

Starting out two steps behind, Gold and Courage must play catch-up. Or risk becoming the next victims.

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