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"The Bottom Line: A heart-pounding, adrenaline-spiking medical thriller that takes the series into new territory. Highly recommended."Bestthrillers

Ex-cop Vance Courage is heading off for an island vacation when HIPP Corp’s CEO Sherry Rogers jets into Miami for a surprise meeting. An oncologist using her company’s electronic medical records software lost a patient during a routine chemotherapy infusion and the family is threatening to sue. Worried the business will be named in the lawsuit, she insists Vance go to Indianapolis to investigate. He can’t very well say no. He and his partner Lauren Gold recently invested 5-million of their own dirty dollars to help save her company from bankruptcy.

The duo travel to Indy and attend a medical sales gala hoping the free flowing booze will loosen lips. But before dinner is served, Rogers confides another doctor-client in Chicago lost a cancer patient in under nearly identical circumstances. Could it be a bad batch of drugs? Or something more nefarious?

With a freak late April snowstorm looming, they detour to the Windy City, shocked to discover the clinic is a front for a patient-dumping scheme. While Vance focuses on the Chicago doc treating low-income patients, Lauren heads off to meet with Sherry Rogers—and vanishes.


When the sixth patient dies and the Chicago oncologist is arrested for murder, every cell in Vance’s body tells him he has a lot more to lose than money.

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