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The True Story Behind Scarface


The Mutiny Girl was inspired by the author's real life experiences working inside Miami's infamous Hotel Mutiny. The hotel's swanky private club, The Upper Deck, doubled as the secret epicenter for the powerful Cuban and Colombian drug cartels known as the Cocaine Cowboys. 


By day the club was a popular hangout for politicians, doctors, lawyers, businessmen and celebrities. By night, undercover FBI agents, CIA officers and local law enforcement infiltrated the discothequemingling with arms dealers, international assassins and other shady characters orbiting the notorious Cocaine Cowboys. By 1980, gangland violence sparked by the drug trade turned the streets of Miami into a bloody war zone. South Florida teetered on the brink of collapse.


As the homicide rate skyrocketed and the morgue filled to capacity, the coroner rented refrigerated hamburger trucks to store corpses. With a legal defense war chest estimated at more than $25 million, the  Cocaine Cowboys seemed invincible, escaping criminal prosecution for over a decade. But their day had come. A long time ago.


Vance Courage's law practice is on the kids. Lauren Gold is reeling from a recent divorce. Nefarious characters from the past are cropping up and unseen forces are pushing them toward a reckoning with the the hotel's past. What do they want? And why now? 

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