Gold and Courage  . . .

a mystery thriller series.

"An outstanding debut thriller that has it all: misdirection, intrigue, murder, and family. Captivating and engrossing."— The BookLife Prize


"A taut, thrilling drama told exceptionally well." —Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author

"An engagingly written series starter with a bounty of plot twists and Miami vices." —Kirkus Reviews


The Hotel Mutiny was once the secret enclave for Miami's notorious Cocaine Cowboys.  Law enforcement, drug lords, and lots of shady operatives lived it up inside the Mutiny's high-security clubs. Outside the hotel, Miami was a war zone.  The coroner rented refrigerated trucks to store murder victims.  Witnesses and jurors disappeared.  A federal judge was gunned down in front of his house.

But that was a different era.  Or was it?  READ MORE

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