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The Gold and Courage series is inspired by the author's real life experience working inside the Hotel Mutiny. During the 70s and 80s Miami was a war zone. The coroner rented refrigerated trucks from the fast food companies to store dead bodies.

The Mutiny doubled as the secret headquarters for the Cuban and Columbian drug cartels. FBI agents, CIA officers and local law enforcement mingled with gun runners, international assassins, Cuban expatriates and the world's most powerful drug kingpins. While Florida teetered on the brink as a failed state, it drove the incumbent president to launch the War on Drugs.


Vance Courage and Lauren Gold remember those days.   It's been a long time.  But their paths have crossed  again.

Vance Courage is back on home turf when his nephew spills a secret: homicide detectives were at his sister's house. Asking questions.  About a murder.

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